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Premas biotech announced the completion of their vaccine prototype against COVID-19

Premas biotech announced the completion of their vaccine prototype against COVID-19.

With the race against COVID-19 building tension among the healthcare sector, India based biotech company, Prema Biotech announces successful completion of their vaccine prototype against COVID-19 using inhouse D-crypt technology.

With COVID-19 infecting millions and claiming over 300,00 lives all over the world, concerns are being raised in the healthcare sector in need of finding a treatment or vaccine for the novel virus. The disease turned pandemic, COVID-19 is highly contagious and has rattled the whole world. 

Recently, Gurgaon based Biotech company- Prema biotech has reported that they have successfully completed their COVID-19 vaccine prototype by attaining the transmission electron microscope (TEM) images of the study. The team used their exclusive D-crypt technology to assemble the recombinant virus-like particle (VLP). 

Recombinant virus-like particle (VLP): 

In the past decade, experts focus on vaccine production has changed from handling live/attenuated virus to the recombinant vaccine. The concept of the recombinant vaccine started back in 1981 when it was possible to clone desirable DNA sequences into vectors like plasmids to produce target proteins. 

The development of a recombinant vaccine takes aid from the knowledge of nucleotide sequences of the genes which are encoded by the pathogen. It also involves antigenic determinants that are later synthesized using protein expression systems. Using these systems it is possible to produce a recombinant virus-like particle, that displays the antigenic determinants of the target pathogens mimicking a viral-induced vaccine. 

Trying to make a significant breakthrough in this fight against COVID-19, Prema Biotechs vaccine developed using VLP is first of its kind.

The co-founder and MD of Premas Biotech, Prabuddha Kundu stated that “We are delighted to announce the three-protein VLP formation, as confirmed by TEM images and other orthogonal analysis that have captured the distinct structural features of the VLP. The vaccine candidate is based on three COVID-19 proteins — Spike, Envelope, and Membrane. We believe that this combination of three proteins distinguishes us from other companies seeking to develop COVID-19 vaccines and makes the VLP promising as we work to proceed into pre-clinical trials.”

Prema Biotechs D-crypt technology:

The VLP based vaccine is manufactured using Prema biotechs in house, D crypt technology. The company has been developing this particular technology for decades to employ it for a safe recombinant vaccine. 

The D crypt technology uses a genetically modified form of bakers yeast or Saccharomyces cerevisiae, to successfully produce a recombinant version of the three antigens Spike, Envelope, and Membrane in the host cells, thus making the vaccine a potentially safe alternative. It should also be noted that this particular technology makes the vaccine easy to manufacture on a mass scale at the same time a cost-effective option for the large populations suffering from COVID-19.

Premas biotech along with its US partner is currently gathering the study’s data findings, which will be submitted to the FDA and have also established a plan for initiating a large scale production study for the VLP based vaccine. 




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