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Scientist Position for Natural Product Discovery at SpheroBiotics

SpheroBiotics discover novel compounds from microbial communities and develop medical drugs against multi-resistant pathogens. We are a startup from ETH Zürich, located at the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering (D-BSSE) at ETH in Basel. We are looking for a talented, creative, and driven candidate to join our growing team and help us to harness the therapeutic potential of nature’s microbiota.

Scientist, Natural Product Discovery (60%-80%)

Microbiology • Antimicrobial Testing • Fermentation • Product Characterization

Your responsibilities include:

1) Effective contribution to SpheroBiotics’ efforts to discover, isolate and characterize novel classes of antimicrobials

2) Design and conduct high-throughput screening campaigns and secondary assays

3) DNA isolation, metagenomic and whole-genome sequencing

4) MIC assays using lab automation

5) Develop and execute plans for cultivation and product fermentation with non-laboratory strains

6) Develop and execute plans for small scale natural product purification

7) Assist with the design of streamlined drug identification and de-replication strategies

8) HPLC, MS/MS; (NMR optional)

9) Chemical structure database query

10) Biosynthetic gene cluster analysis (optional)


1) PhD in natural product research or at least 2 years of relevant industry experience

2) Microbiology techniques (bacteria and fungi)

3) Experienced in next-generation sequencing techniques

4) Experience with flow cytometry and/or microfluidics

5) Extensive knowledge of natural product fermentation, purification, and identification

6) Good knowledge in transfer of pilot fermentation to intermediate scale

7) Experience in the antibiotic discovery sector a plus

8) Highly motivated, solution-oriented, and a good team player

9) Excited about mastering unforeseen challenges, meticulous, analytical, inventive, and reliable

10) Must be eligible to work in Switzerland


If you are excited to contribute meaningfully to SpheroBiotics, we invite you to send your CV, a motivation letter and a reference letter to [email protected]

Date : August 31, 2020

Location : Switzerland, Basel




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