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Scientists have set a new milestone by completely sequencing a human chromosome

For the first time, a group of scientists has managed to completely sequence a whole human chromosome, bridging all the gaps over the years. Back in 2003, scientists made headlines around the world stating that the human genome was complete….

Biotech Industry Marking a New Era Post-COVID-19

The inevitable need for a COVID-19 treatment has stirred up much-needed interest in Biotech industries all over the world. Here a straightforward take on Biotech industries post-COVID-19.  It is pretty astonishing how perceptions change in a short period of time….

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Changing Healthcare

There’s been a tremendous impact on the global market because of the invention of artificial intelligence (AI). A machine, which can imitate the human’s cognitive activities, has paved the way for the new applications in various industries. Apart from all…