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Scientific Coordinator and Project Manager

The team of the newly founded Multi-Investigator Project “Burden-Reduced Cleft lip and palate Care and Healing” is looking for a Scientific Coordinator and Administrative Project Manager. The project led by Dr. Andreas Mueller (USB, UniBS) and Dr. Barbara Solenthaler (ETHZ)…

International Postdoc 2020 Programme in Sweden

This is the first call for applications within Forte’s new international postdoc programme – a programme that aims to increase international researcher mobility and cross-border research collaboration. The programme offers grants to incoming and outgoing postdocs. Focus area Forte’s international…

Research Position, School of Biochemistry – University of Bristol

JOB DETAILS About the Position A postdoctoral researcher position is available in Dr. Binyam Mogessie’s lab in the School of Biochemistry, the University of Bristol, to study the function of centromeres during the genesis of maternal age-dependent aneuploidy in mammalian oocytes. The…

Ph.D./PostDoc Computational Biology – Mining a genomics compendium to identify therapeutic targets

JOB DETAILS About The Project Human cells perform highly complex tasks and are equipped with the required machinery and decision-making processes that largely remain poorly understood. Although human genes play a central role, no wiring diagram exists depicting their function….