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the positive side of coronavirus

The Positive Side of Corona Virus!

By Swati Shri Pal Singh Sharma

Ain’t you afraid of the Coronavirus outbreak? Of course, you are, right? Almost the whole world is in chaos due to the outbreak which stepped first in the Wuhan city of China. Thousands of people have lost their lives in this outbreak due to the lack of any effective remedy or medications.

What you consider it to be? A natural or a man-made disaster? Well, most people consider it to be a man-made disaster, considering the fact that it got transmitted to human species from animals. But can you imagine the other side of the entire story? What if I say that it was meant to happen and nature has a big role to play in it?

What if I say, though we are suffering the repercussions of the outbreak, it is our sins that we are facing back!

Let’s understand it in more detail…

We all know that nature has its own way to maintain the balance and no one can deny the fact that the universe too plays a key role in it. Presently, we all are living in a digital era! In the world of automation & industrialization! Instead, you can also say that we are in a race, where every country is running to prove itself superior to others. This has reached to an extent where we have forgotten our limits.

The overexploitation of the green forests, deep-sea mineral mining, extensive use of non-renewable resources and the list goes on. These activities have left us with barren lands, unhealthy air to breathe, change in the food chain, melting of thousand years old ice and so on. I don’t know why we are in fear of the Coronavirus when we don’t fear climate change. Coronavirus is still something that happened to us unknowingly, but we are ignoring the things which are killing us slowly. I feel the Corona outbreak is a nature’s way to bring back its balance.

Thinking why I am saying so? Well, have you observed the recent chronology of events occurring in nature? If not, then let me help you remind them and connect the dots to provide you better insights. You must be aware of the famous amazon fire which was unstoppable by human efforts until Mother Nature herself cooled it down with a shower. The same repeated recently during the Australian bush fires, wherein the natural phenomenon of Indian Ocean Dipole resulted in extreme temperatures leading to bush fires. The events were similar to what happened in Amazon fire. Our human efforts were worthless in controlling this havoc until Mother Nature herself came to escape.

And now, another event of the Coronavirus outbreak! But have you noticed that while every one of us is focusing on the amount of damage caused by the virus there is something positive happening out there because of it. The outbreak has caused a huge shut down of manufacturing units in China. This, in turn, has reduced the pollutions across the nearby geographies. The recent photos released by NASA from space shows a drastic decline in pollution (refer below image by NASA)

coronavirus impact on pollution

The yellow shaded area indicates the NO2 levels which have declined drastically post Coronavirus outbreak. The nitrogen dioxide gas is nothing but an air pollutant produced by manufacturing units, motor vehicles, power plants, and other facilities. Prolonged exposure to this pollution can cause severe health conditions like asthma, breathing problems and more.

For years, we are stipulating guidelines; we are coming up with regulations and protocols to reduce pollution in order to slow down the climatic change. But over these years, there are only talks happening. No real efforts have shown results on the ground. However, the slowdown caused by the outbreak has drastically changed the pollutant levels in the air. Looking at the image you can realize the extent of change in air quality brought by the impact of the Coronavirus. Now just imagine what will happen if this virus spreads across the globe to such severe level – Where we all are forced to shut down all activities. I know it will cause us a lot of issues but I will be happy to have them.

Wondering why?

For so many years, we humans are choking the lungs of our Mother Nature. The recent examples of events occurring due to climate change are the perfect illustration of the same. Nature gave us a different place in the entire ecosystem through natural selection. It placed us at the top of the food chain such that we not only nurture ourselves but also help other species. However, our greed made to choose a path that walks against the law of Mother Nature. So, though there is a big negative side of a Coronavirus outbreak, there exists a positive side too. It’s not just an outbreak to remind us of taking initiatives to bring novel medicines for cure. Its nature’s reminder for us, it is a warning sign to be ready for worse!

Nature is trying to create a balance on its own but for how long it will go? How many more such events will occur to make us realize that we are crossing our limits? Well, I feel Corona Virus is just a start, there are more such outbreaks that we are going to experience in the coming future if we do not stop exploiting the set limits of nature.

Way Ahead

We might be ahead in the race of industrialization and development but we are running behind in the race of saving our planet. Scientific studies say, to control climate change the rise in temperature must be controlled by 0.50C. We all know how behind we are in achieving this; we all know how the famous leaders of superpower countries are ignoring the basic need of the environment we are living in. I wonder what we will say to our future generation, who cannot afford to breathe without a mask, who cannot drink free-flowing water, who cannot explore the quality of food, the way we did.

I wonder if we can face them.

I wonder if we can stand by their question.

Though my heart is in fear of Coronavirus, a corner of my heart says: if it is something natures doing to bring back its balance and help future generations experience the beauty of nature the way I did then it’s the best thing that can happen to us.



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