Breakthrough Chikungunya Vaccine of Valneva's: Phase 3 trial Data

Breakthrough Chikungunya Vaccine of Valneva’s: Phase 3 trial Data

Valneva, a renowned global market leader in vaccine development, has published the research clinical data of its Chikungunya Vaccine candidate Phase 3, VLA1553. The groundbreaking results of VLA1553 can be found in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet. With Chikungunya virus infections spreading to over 110 countries, posing a significant public health risk, Valneva’s efforts to combat this issue are paramount. Presently, there are no reliable treatments or vaccines available for purchase. However, VLA1553, a single-dose experimental vaccine, stands out as the sole Chikungunya vaccine candidate under priority review, expected to be completed by August 2023, as per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Chikungunya Virus (CHIKV) Infection – A Global Health Concern: Chikungunya virus infection has emerged as a serious threat to public health, affecting more than 110 countries worldwide. Transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, this viral infection leads to symptoms in 72-92% of individuals within four to seven days after being bitten.

The Promising Chikungunya Vaccine Under Priority Review: VLA1553, a potential vaccine targeting Chikungunya virus, is a phase 3 candidate currently undergoing priority review by the FDA. This experimental vaccine is designed as a single-dose solution, achieved by deleting a specific fragment of the Chikungunya virus genome. Recognizing its potential, VLA1553 received FDA Fast Track status in 2018 and Breakthrough Therapy designations in 2021. Valneva, the driving force behind VLA1553, conducted a final pivotal trial in 2022, reporting twelve-month persistence data. Furthermore, Valneva successfully conducted clinical trials in Brazil, specifically among young individuals, with the completion of shots reported in February 2023.

Positive Results from Pivotal Phase 3 Trial: Valneva’s article published in The Lancet medical journal, titled “A Study on a Chikungunya Vaccine: Results from a Phase 3 Trial,” showcases the remarkable outcomes of the pivotal trial. Participants who received a single dose of VLA1553 displayed a 98.9% immune response within 28 days. Notably, both younger and older adults exhibited a 96% immune response for a duration of six months.

Dr. Juan Carlos Jaramillo, Valneva’s Chief Medical Officer, expressed his satisfaction with the publication, stating, “This Lancet publication highlights the scientific strength of VLA1553 and aligns with the exceptional quality of our pivotal Phase 3 study. The detailed results now available to the scientific and broader public health communities further emphasize the potential of our single-shot Chikungunya vaccine candidate.”

The Potential of VLA1553 to Address the Global Healthcare Issue: If granted the Biological License Application (BLA), VLA1553 has the potential to become the sole Chikungunya vaccine available for combating this pressing global healthcare concern. Valneva aims to bring this vaccine to market and expand its existing portfolio of commercial vaccines.


Valneva’s release of the research clinical data for Chikungunya Vaccine candidate Phase 3, VLA1553, marks a significant milestone in the quest to address the global health threat.

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